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What comes with my digital order?

-Each download comes with the following file types: SVG, PNG, JPEG, and EPS compressed into a zipped file folder. All files that come with extras such as fonts or mockups will be stated within the product's description.

How soon will I receive my digital order after placing my order?

- Orders will be available for immediate download once payment has cleared. Download link will expire 24 hours after purchase.

What programs will my files work in?

- The downloaded files will work with multiple cutting programs and other software such as Adobe Illustrator, Cricut Design Space, Silhouette Design Studio (paid program), and other documents you may want to upload regular images to for creating mock-ups.

What is a zipped file?

-Downloaded products will come in a compressed file folder known as a zip file to save space.

How do I open a zipped file?

              Windows 8 and 10
-Locate the zipped folder that you want to unzip (extract) files or folders from.
-To unzip all the files in the zipped folder, right-click the folder, select EXTRACT ALL, and then follow the instructions for where to save it. 
-Search within your Downloads folder and double-click the zipped folder to open it. You can then save them to your desktop or any other folder on your computer.
Can't find my SVG file?
-Sometimes, customers may find it difficult to find their SVG file. If your computer does not have a program that makes SVG files, these files may show up as Google Chrome files, Safari, or explorer files. However, they will still work once uploaded into your cutting software programs. 

Selling items for PERSONAL and COMMERCIAL USE.

-These files are available for PERSONAL and SMALL BUSINESS COMMERCIAL use.  This means that you may use each file you purchase to create any physical object to use personally, give to a friend, or sell a maximum of 500 items you have personally made via your small business.

However, you MAY NOT:

  • Use the files, or any part of them, to sell digitally in any format.
  • Share these files with anybody, including loading the designs to Facebook groups.  This includes the Freebie files, as they are only free for a set period of time.
  • Load these designs to printing sites such as Zazzle, Printful, or other similar sites.  Your personal and small business commercial license only covers items you make, not items a printing service creates for you.

The designs you purchase are only licensed for your use.  Should you share them with or sell them to anyone, you are infringing on the Da Goodie Shop Unleashed Terms of Use and Copyright.

How can I get a refund?

- Once a digital product has been purchased, there is no refund. Please make sure that you are purchasing the correct file that is compatible with your machine or project.


I need to download my file again, where do I go?

-To re-download your file, just visit the account section and sign in. When making your purchase, you should have registered. This allows you to return and download your file again in case of any issues. 

Still need help?

-Feel free to email me for additional assistance or to get your questions answered at dgsunleashed@gmail.com 
How to press screen print transfers (white paper backing)? 
INSTRUCTIONS: Add transfer to garment and heat press for 7 seconds at 350 degrees on heavy (60 psi/8-9 heavy) pressure. Hot peel immediately. NO TEFLON SHEETS OR COVERS NEEDED. 
How to press DTF transfers (transparent film)?

(Temperature may need to be adjusted for garment type. I.E. lowered for polyester materials.)

  • Temperature: 310-320 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Time: 10-15 seconds
  • Pressure: High/Firm 8-9 (60 PSI)

Pressing Instructions

  • Prepress garment for 3-5 seconds
  • Press transfer white side down for 10-15 seconds
  • Let cool before peeling-warm/cold peel
  • Cover with parchment paper, Teflon, or butcher paper and repress for 5-10 seconds

*Please note, if the image does not come off completely, repress with image/film in place, let it cool and re-peel

**Also note that temps may vary by heat press.