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Hello Everyone!

My name is Takeebie and I am so excited! I have decided to take a leap of faith and do something that has always been a passion for me. Currently, I run a custom tee shirt and personalized gift company by the name of Da Goodie Shop. Because I enjoy designing so much, I have decided to begin sharing my designs with you all. With this business, I am able to incorporate my background in graphic design and other hobbies and produce creative artwork that you all can use for crafting, starting a customization business, growing your already custom business, making personalized gifts and so much more. 

My goal is to help crafters, hobbyists, and creative business owners save time and make money by creating products with my designs. Did I mention that these are the designs I used that have allowed me to make over $100,000 in the last couple of years in additional income, all while working my full time job??!! I hope in some way that I am able to help you better provide for your family, get out of debt or get on the right track to living the type of life you want to live without financial burdens. 

I am so happy and proud to be able to share this special journey with you and I hope that I am able to help you have fun and create amazing projects!

Talk to you soon!!

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