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What's that Font?

by Steven Jefferson on February 07, 2019

Did you know that in most cases, fonts are the most important part of a design, and especially if it is a design that only contains words? So why is it that we often see either so many generic fonts such as the ones that come with each and every computer word processing program?

The Answer: Many don’t know where to find fonts and/or how to add new fonts to their computers. There are 3 places I like to use on a regular basis:

  • DaFont (www.dafont.com) FREE Personal Use Fonts
  • Creative Market (www.creativemarket.com) Gives out free fonts sometimes and has great deals on font bundles
  • Font Bundles (www.fontbundles.net) Always has the best font deals-especially their $1 deals that they tend to have either every month or every other month.  

Now, all fonts are not free and if you want all the extras (glyphs, numbers, etc.)  that come with the fonts that allow you to make them different, then you will need to pay. What do I mean by extra??? Check out the image below of the regular font vs the font using the glyphs.

Black: Free Version

Pink: Paid with Glyphs

Ready to add some new fonts to your computer? Check out the video below!!



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