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4 Ways to Promote Your Creative Business

by Takeebie Jefferson on October 19, 2020

So you have started a creative business, now what? This is a question I get asked a lot, basically many want to know how to promote their creative business. So, today I am going to share 4 quick ways to promote your creative business that is FREE of charge!!!

  1. Promote your business/products on social media. 
  • And I don’t mean just sharing it on your own personal facebook page. I mean actually creating a business page for your business and your products.  If you don’t have one, start here: Create a Facebook Business Page. Once you have created the page, invite all of your friends to follow. In addition, don’t stop there, ask your friends to help promote your page as well!! The main thing to remember when promoting your business/products on social media is consistency. The more you post, the more people that get to see your business. 
  • Offer coupons/sales
    • No, you don’t have to do this all the time, but when starting out, it is a great idea. More people will be willing to try your product for the first time when they feel they are getting a deal. (Just think about the websites you visit and that pop up comes up saying to sign up for a coupon or save this on your first order??!)
  • Use/wear your own product
    • If you sell shirts, wear them. If you sell cups, totes, makeup, jewelry, etc., use it. The more you wear and use your products, the more people will start inquiring about where you get it from. The best feeling in the world is when you can say, “I actually have a business that I sell this/these at, you can go here to order yours”!!
  • Use Video and great images
    • People love videos and pretty images. Why do you think Tik tok, IG, and Pinterest are so popular. Every once in a while, create a video either showing how to care for your product, use your product, or even behind the scenes of the process of how you come up with ideas for new products. We just want engagement, that leads to followers, that leads to future purchases and buy-in of your brand, your business, and your products. What I have learned is that these videos are very useful when you have customers asking the same question!

    So what do you think, are you ready to promote your creative business? If so, drop a link to your business so I can check it out!!


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