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4 Ways to Make Your Business Stand Out

by Takeebie Jefferson on July 02, 2019

I get this question so much until I just had to address it. I mean, I’m no expert but I do run a successful business. However, I do feel that I need to re-address a few of these tips myself in my business. Oh well, here goes…..

The question I get asked the most is “How do I make my business stand out in an over-saturated market?”. There are several markets that are over-saturated and the custom tee shirt business is not one to be overlooked. IN most cases, when a market is over-saturated, it means that there is a STRONG DEMAND for that type of product or service. When this is the case, your goal is to deliver a product that is either distinctly different or better than what’s available. 

Here are 4 ways and some ideas of how to do this:

  1. Find your Niche. Cater to a specific market or target market so that you are not all over the place. We sometimes have to realize that not everyone is your customer. For example in the tee shirt business, you don’t have to focus on doing shirts for everyone, you can try focusing on (even with custom shirts as well):
    1. Moms
    2. Kids
    3. Birthdays
    4. Businesses/Organizations
    5. Schools
    6. Travel
    7. Careers (Nurses, teachers, cosmetologists, dentists, etc.)
  2. Stay Relevant (Focus on Change). Look at what others are doing around you and figure out how you can do it better or target/address an area that you believe your competitors are missing. In addition, do you research and stay on trend. You may also want to take advantage of all the holidays because those are usually big money makers as well. Remember that change is constant. What’s hot now?:
    1. Tanks and dolphin short sets from Walmart
    2. Dresses with pockets
    3. Everything is Dope designs
  3. Always deliver a Value-Added Service. This doesn’t mean focus on being the cheapest business around. It just means make your customers seem as if they are receiving more value for their money when shopping with you as compared to your competitors. Some ideas include: 
    1. Free delivery (locally)
    2. Loyalty/rewards program (for repeat customers)
    3. Fast turn-around times (most custom businesses are 7-14 days depending on how busy they are….BEAT THAT TIME!!!
    4. Free upgrades (i.e. glitter or name on the back is free when you order at least 25 shirts)
    5. Focus on Customer satisfaction such as quick response times and upfront pricing (no one wants to hear “let me figure it out or let me see and I will get back with you.'')
    6. Create bundles when possible (have a customer that wants shirts, cups and hats? Give them a special price)
  4. Differentiate Your Business. Stand out from the crowd by doing something different such as: 
    1. Use better quality shirts/materials
    2. Try different marketing strategies
      1. Use videos
      2. Do a real photo shoot for your products
      3. Encourage customers to send in pics (with a reward) and use them to promote your business
    3. Simplify your buying process (For the most part, many sales are lost in the inbox if you have to go back and forth several times in order to get the customer’s information that could have been easily recorded with a simple form.) See my Jotform post for more information :) You may also be ready to set up a website too!

So don’t hesitate to make a change in your business and begin standing out more today. I am already working on my plan as you read this. However, remember that this ultimately means that you must always be coming up with something new because others will catch on and copy and they will catch on fast. 

Happy Hustling and Learning!!


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