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35 Ways to Make Money and/or $ave Money with your Cutter

by Takeebie Jefferson on October 04, 2018

Do you have a cutter? If so, are you using it to its full potential? Now many of you may only have your cutter for personal crafts and hobbies, however, there is a growing number of those who are using them to start a business and make money. I mean who wouldn't? It's a minimal investment of usually less than $500 with the equipment and supplies; however, it does take some time to learn. You can try using Google & Youtube Universities, and/or continue checking back here as I share videos and ideas for using your cutter to help you either make money and/or save money. So, need to validate your reason for purchasing this machine or are you stuck on ideas for what all you can do with this machine? Check out my list below of 35 different projects you can create with your cutter. (Cricut, Silhouette, Brother, or Professional). This is by no means an exhaustive list, it is just the tip of the iceberg to get your creative and entrepreneurial juices flowing. Let me know what you think or what you would add to the list in the comments!

 1. Shirts 2. Tumblers/Cups 3. Mugs 4. Cards 5. Stickers/Labels 6. Tote Bags 7. Signs 8. Invitations 9. Party Supplies (banners, custom cup, gift tags, dessert toppers, cupcake holders, etc.)

 10. Wall Art 11. Other Decorated Apparel ( pants, jackets, shoes, baby bibs, aprons, special occasion sashes, pins, scarves, gloves, hoods, hats, robes, hair bows, etc.) 12. Mouse Pads 13. Candy Jars 14. Clipboards 15. Key Chains 16. Ornaments 17. Kitchen Decals/Decor (cutting boards, oven mitts, pot holders, kitchen equipment, etc.) 18. Coasters

19. Pillows 20. Stadium blankets 21. Wood sign 22. Nail Art decal/stencils 23. Car Decals 24. Stencils 25. Paper flowers 26. Gift Bags/Boxes 27. Table Cloths

28. Book bags 29. Pop-up tents 30. Vinyl signs/banners 31. Umbrella 32. Decals for school supplies/electronic devices (folders, notebooks, pencil cases, pencils, tablets, phones, tablets, headphones) 33. Business Marketing Materials 34. Lawn Chairs 35. Can Coozies 

Of course, there is much much more you can do, add more ideas below!!!



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