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16 Craft Tools (That Every Crafter Needs)

by Takeebie Jefferson on November 12, 2018


Every professional has a set of tools that they use on a regular basis in their work. Below, I wanted to share a few of mine that are essential to my business in Da Goodie Shop.

    1. Cutting Table:  (Nope not the professional kind, the DIY kind) This is something that is useful when cutting my large rolls of vinyl. It was just a small table that I purchased at Walmart for like $20 or less and then I got a yardstick and drew measurements on it with a permanent marker and I used the center-fold as my starting point so that I can easily cut straight and even.
    2. Rotary Cutter: This is what I use all the time along with my cutting table for cutting vinyl and sometimes even fabric. Personally, it works better than scissors for me.
    3. Dental Tools (Pickers): (Yep, the ones you clean your teeth with). I use these instead of the Cricut weeder for weeding my vinyl projects.
      1. First, because they are sharper and stay sharper longer
      2. Secondly, I can get like 5 of them on eBay and/or Amazon for the price of 1 Cricut weeder.
    4. Scissors (always needed and several pairs because I lose them often)
    5. Squeegee: Used mainly when working with oracal on cups and other hard castrates to help smooth out bubbles. Can also be used when screen printing using vinyl as well.
    6. Paper Trimmer/Cutter: I use this to cut vinyl and paper.
    7. Xacto Knife
    8. Hole Punchers (a variety of sizing and shapes): I love to use these to make use of my scraps glitter vinyl. Then, later on, I can use all the fun shapes and colors of vinyl to add confetti or other quick accents to some of my products.
    9. Tee Square It: To line up designs on my shirts, tote bags, and other garments
    10. Rulers
    11. Hair Dryer: Works great for when I am working with oracal adhesive vinyl and am having difficulty getting rid of air bubbles.
    12. Craft Tweezers: Used for picking up small pieces when working on delicate projects
    13. Glue Gun/stand
    14. Sticker Maker: Sometimes, I am lazy or cheap so I print out a sheet of paper with my logo on and have my kids cut them out and run them through the sticker maker, and wala, I have logo stickers to add to my products.
    15. Tape Dispenser: Scotch tape, heat tape, clear tape, etc.
    16. TOOL BELT OR HALF APRON: Don’t have one but am about to either purchase one or make one

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